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     Here are links to some of the many fine creative people, places and things that I find interesting. They have all influenced my understanding of the world through their wit, wisdom and talent. I Thanks them all for they have made my life the best ride in the amusement park.

      You too can have
 Instant Good Karma!   
      Help others help themselves and their community.   This organization returns your $20 donation to you in a year! You can re-donate or keep your money.

 Potters for Peace  Since 1998, representatives of Potters for Peace have traveled the world assisting with the establishment of small factories or workshops that produce a low-cost ceramic water filter that can bring clean, potable water to those who need it most.
   PODCASTS:    These podcasts help me get through the long hours in the studio. Warning, Most are comedians, anti-revisionist historians and often foul mouthed nonconformist thinkers . There are NO SACRED COWS IN MY PASTURE, you have been warned.
The Drunken Taoist
History On Fire
Dan Carlins Hardcore History
The Duncan Trussell Family Hour
Tangentially Speaking 
Doug Stanhope
Joe Rogan Experience

 - National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts 
Hay Stack
Red Lodge

    Galleries & Tours:
Fingerlakes Pottery Tour
Gandee Gallery
Memorial Art Gallery Rochester
Syracuse Ceramics Guild
NY Folklore Museum


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