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Up Coming Events 2023
June 10-11        Finger Lakes Pottery Tour.  Ithaca, NY

     In November of 2016 I was given the great honor of being invited to build the first soda kiln in Sichuan Provence, China. In 1992, the amazing and endlessly driven Mrs. Xu created The New Southwest Artistic Ceramics Company located in Loudai Town just outside Chengdu. Not only has she devoted her life to building the premiere tile company in China,  she has spent the past few years developing an artist residency and international exchange promoting the arts.

     The build went very smoothly thanks to the incredible staff and the many talented artists that came to help. A special thank you to Mr. Li and to Mr. Yung, I couldn't have done it without you. The following is a slideshow of the build. You can stop the show by placing your cursor on the image. Enjoy!

The lovely staff that took care of me. In the background are the suites I got to stay in. Much of China is undergoing incredible development and modernization. Thankfully they try to repurpose and reuse many of the historic building elements. Much of the woodwork in these photos is older than our country.

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